Fix Problems Sending AOL Mails

It is not that normal to happen but if in case you are facing some issues in sending AOL mail then this article is for you. This problem can arise due to several reasons. But there is nothing to worry about; most of the issues can be solved just by following some simple troubleshooting steps.

After all, it is the United States’ most established and reliable email service provider. They also provide services over there AOL Support Number. These are some types of problems (with solutions) that you might be facing.



  • My sent folder contains emails I didn’t send


Nothing ever happens on its own. If this is the case that you are struggling with and your contacts are receiving emails that you did not send, then there is certainly a breach in your security. This is a significant sign that your account has been hacked and is controlled by someone else. If you are noticing these signs, chances are that you might be facing problem in comprising and sending emails. You need not panic; you can call on AOL Customer Service Number or go for securing your account and changing your password. Once your account gets secured, you might stop facing other problems too.

  • AOL Mail – Fix problems with being unable to send email
  1. Restart your computer

This is the go-to step in every problem. What happens is that if you keep your system open for a long duration that internal memory of RAM gets filled due to which several issues pop up. Start your troubleshooting with restarting your system.

  1. Use a different browser

This can be another problem. If you are using an outdated web browser you might face problems while accessing AOL emails. For accessing AOL mails you will have to download some other up-to-date browser.

  1. Disable the pop-up blocking software

This might also be the root of the problem. Try disabling your pop-up-blocking software or put AOL in the whitelist. You might need to contact the software vendor for this but most of the browsers often won’t disturb you if you hold down a shift key as you click website links.

  1. Clear the cache, cookies and browser history

You should consider cleaning your browser’s cache, cookies and also the history. This will help your browser to attain the ‘clear’ state. This will make your browser work Just As before.

  1. Disable firewall

The basic function of a firewall is to protect your system from any attacks from the hackers. While keeping it turned on most of the time is beneficial, you must try switching it off sometimes when your computer starts to have some problems while working normally.

  • Fix problems with image challenges when sending emails

If you are trying to send a mail and encounter an image challenge then you must just complete the challenge. In most of the cases you will be able to move forward but in case you are still stuck, then it is a sign of more serious security issue needing expert attention.

  • Fix problems with images not showing for mail recipients

Two things can be done in this case. Check whether you have rich text or HTML enables from mail settings page or not. If still, the problem persists then the problem may lie in the manner you are sending the image. Just send it as an attachment to your contact.

Although the article itself has most of the issue covered, but still if you feel the problem is not getting resolved, feel free to contact AOL Help and Support Number. Solving your problems is indeed AOL’s topmost priority and they are always there for you.

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